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Missed heartbeat on, APs rebootstrap

Wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem.


We've experienced problems with after updating controllers to 

All APs on a controller will rebootstrap after a period of time, usually less than 48 hours. Ap debug info shows heartbeats missed and the reason for disconnect as: controller aged out


We've rolled our live controllers back to the previous version (with the ARM memory leak) for now and have a couple controllers on test. The problem occurred on one of the test controllers over the weekend, the rest of our 1900 APs were just fine on the older code.


We believe there's a bug in and we're in conversation with support about this. Currently we're being told nobody else has reported this problem, so thought I'd ask here... Shout up if you've seen it.


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Re: Missed heartbeat on, APs rebootstrap


We're on and cirrently testing to see if a bug from earlier versions is present where all the

APs would fail over due to a missed heartbeat, whether or not there actually were missed heartbeats.

This would be the second time we were told it was fixed, the first time it did not go so well.


If this same bug has resurfaced in after we finally have a verified fix that would be poor.


Maye move this thread out of the NAC forum?  It is only by luck and boredom I even noticed it here.


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Re: Missed heartbeat on, APs rebootstrap

Also keep in mind that inter-controller hearbeats is an optional HA feature.

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Re: Missed heartbeat on, APs rebootstrap

Interesting... Without knowing how our setup compares to yours there may be other issues, I believe we're using vrrp between two controllers and this seemed to be the cause of our problems last time. Symptoms are slightly different now in that we can find nothing anywhere to suggest there's a problem. Previously we had DMA counters increasing on the controllers. Now everything looks fine until all APs on one controller rebootstrap. Not cool when it's about 1000 aps.


I have absolutely no idea how to control where things post in this forum, or how to move a post.

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Re: Missed heartbeat on, APs rebootstrap

I'll attempt to re-post this in the other forum.... See if it works this time ;)

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Re: Missed heartbeat on, APs rebootstrap

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