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Moodle & ClearPass Integration using SAML

Hi Airheads, 


Just wondering if anybody out there has tried integrating Moodle with CPPM using SAML IdP?


From what i've read and understood, i should be able to use ClearPass as IdP against AD and authenticate users from Moodle but never dont it before so hoping someone may have attempted this and can share their experience. 




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Re: Moodle & ClearPass Integration using SAML

We didn't intergrate with Moodle, but we just setup Clearpass as an SP, and part of our testing invovled using Clearpass as an IDP.

A few notes that might help

  • Use the service templates, it makes it incredibly easy. You select AD, enter the URL of moodle, and what attributes from AD you want to send to moodle
  • If Moodle requires IDP Metadata AND you have a cluster, you have to do some funky things with your FQDN
    • The recommendation is if you are in a cluster, set the FQDN (Admin>server configuration) as the DNS name for the VIP that will be handling the IDP page

I noticed there wasn't an abundance of information, so we had to do a lot of testing on our own. There is also a techdoc that explains some of the simpler information.

Hope that helps

Chris Wickline | Network Engineer | York College of Pennsylvania
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Re: Moodle & ClearPass Integration using SAML

Hey Chris,


Thanks for the tips, i appreciate you offering up your experience. 



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