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Multiple crypto isakmp keys



so I have this command:


crypto isakmp key "abcdef" address netmask


and by my experiments this is now used by RAPs, VIA clients and L2TP VPNs, all of which connect over Internet.


Is it possible to have different ISAKMP keys for each type of VPN, if they connect from random IPs?

For example by different IP pools assigned to different types?




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Re: Multiple crypto isakmp keys

In Configuration> Authentication> L3 Authentication there are different methods, depending on the type of VPN that can be done.

Some methods require a specific Xauth key and some do not.  The ones that require Xauth require the same key.  Please read the user manual to determine which methods require and which do not.


You also have the option of certificates, as well.  Please look at the user manual for your full range of options.

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Re: Multiple crypto isakmp keys


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