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NAC with 2520 switch

Hi All,

    I am trying to setup port security between Clearpass and a 2520 device. I believe everything is setup OK but there is nothing showing in access tracker or venet viewer. This is a brand new CPPM and I've setup this on the switch -

radius-server host 10.x.x.x key "secretkey"
radius-server host 10.x.x.x dyn-authorization

aaa accounting update periodic 3
aaa accounting system start-stop radius

aaa authentication port-access eap-radius
aaa port-access authenticator 2
aaa port-access authenticator 2 client-limit 3

aaa port-access authenticator active
aaa port-access mac-based 2
aaa port-access mac-based 2 addr-limit 3



But the show port-access authenticator clients command just shows the client status as "connecting"

The CPPM is pingable from the switch and vice-versa.


Any ideas

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Re: NAC with 2520 switch

OK so it looks like the requests are arriving at another configured server. Is there any way to point the requests to CPPM on a per-port basis? or some other workaround.

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Re: NAC with 2520 switch

Please check the event viewer if you have an error in the shared secret or if the NAD is not configured in CPPM. As this is a new installation you might have missed something.
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