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NAI script no longer working CPPM

Dear Community,


We have a script that is connecting to a network cisco device, using telnet.

When you login, you get a prompt in the CLI.
First the “username:” prompt, the script fills that in, than the “password:”



After change from ACS to CPPM we have a problem. When you telnet to a device, there is a new prompt. That new prompt is only there with tacacs+ over cppm and telnet. It reads:

“User Access Verification (Policy Manager).”

After that the “Username:” shows up.

This is messing with our script, because it does not fill in the username anymore.


Problem is, it is not easy to change the script, because we have other network devices not using CPPM.


Is it possible to delete that new prompt? Or set the login prompts?

Thanks in advance

Re: NAI script no longer working CPPM

removed. misread.

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Re: NAI script no longer working CPPM

have you found a solution to this? i would also like to modify the Username prompt.

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