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NPS 2016 RADIUS Not working for new site

Just set up a site with a new Aruba setup. We have several locations with Aruba's already working with our 2016 NPS Radius server. However with this new location I keep getting "An Access-Request message was received from RADIUS client x.x.x.x with a Message-Authenticator attribute that is not valid." on the NPS server. I even changed the shared-secret to just 1234 on both server and controller and it still throws the error. I've upgraded the firmware and rebooted all the devices, no luck. It works fine at the site with our Unifi controller that we're moving away from. What else can I check?

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Re: NPS 2016 RADIUS Not working for new site

Figured it out, dumb mistake. I had one RADIUS Client for the Unifi heads and one for the Arubas, both using different shared secrets. Both pointing to the same IP address scheme. Once I deleted one of the RADIUS clients in NPS and set the same password for both Unifi and Aruba it worked.

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