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I just bought Aruba IAP-135. I create Guest SSID (open network, no password) but use splash page from aruba to authenticate user.

Is my setting secure ? or any good practice for setting guest network ? (Note without clearpass)



Re: Need Tips

Well for guest you can use as  you said the captive portal... if you use the internal database.


When you making the guest wireless you can try this:

1-In the role you using after the captive portal authentication put a role in which it just have access to the internet and it does not have access to anything in the internal network, you can do that with the roles.

2-Try Natting so the network you using does not exist in your internal network, let say let say that network does not exist in your network, well then use that one and nat through the IP of the AP i don tknow if you get the idea?

3-You can periodically change the password of guest... as it does not automatically expire like with the controller..... I asled for this feature, you can vote for it on the ideas tab, if it get lot of kudos they might put it on future releases.




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: Need Tips

Ah yeah there is a VRD for this of tips for  how to build your guest network i mean how aruba recomends... this is made for the controllers based but you still can fallow some of advice with the Instan APS

Here is the link is not a long reading...


Hope it helps you

Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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