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Need help troubleshooting AirGroup setup

We are a new Aruba customer with a 7210 controller and ClearPass.  We have two SSIDs: one for 802.1X, one that is open for device registration.  We have followed the AirGroup documentation that we could find to set up CP Guest to allow students to register their devices including AppleTVs, etc., and we have CP services defined that perform MAC authentication against the Guest database to let them on.  All of this seems to work fine, so now we are trying to set up AirGroup.


On the controller, we have AirGroup enabled, CPPM enforce registration enabled, the CPPM server selected for the group, and the CPPM server's IP for the RFC 3576 server.  The airplay and airprint services are enabled, as well.  In CP Guest, we have entered the controller's IP, port 5999, etc. and it successfully reads configuration from the controller.


We have set up CP Guest so that students can login and get "Device Registration" operator role, and we can login as a student ID and add an AppleTV device.


What we see in CP Access Tracker is a failed WEBAUTH source entry that happens when the student ID adds the device in CP Guest (alert says no service matched).  Then, when the device is connected, we never see a hit on the AirGroup Authorization Service.  Seems like something is not linked up correctly, or we are missing a step.  We've followed this guide but admittedly do not understand exactly what is supposed to happen in terms of the flow of registration of a device:


Thanks for any help in troubleshooting.


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Re: Need help troubleshooting AirGroup setup

Answering my own question on this one.  First, the WEBAUTH hit is from the default form in CP Guest that a user gets when they are an operator.  You can customize a form to not have this happen.


Second, on the controller under Security > Authentication > Advanced, the RADIUS client IP address was using the default vlan1 address, which is not how we contact our controller (during install, it said to just leave that one as default if you don't plan to use vlan1).  When the controller would try to talk to CP to authorize for AirGroup, CP rejected the communication because it wasn't coming from a known server.


Thanks to Aruba support on this one.



Re: Need help troubleshooting AirGroup setup

Great that you got this solved - and awsome that you followed it up with the solution. I hate hanging threads :)


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