New TechNote: ClearPass and Pluribus Network VCFcenter



Please find enclosed information and details related to our recent integration with Pluribus Networks VCFcenter, this is currently Phase 1 of the completed integration. In this Phase we have been successful in configuring the Pluribus VCFcenter to take a data feed from ClearPass to enrich the reporting of data they currently have by supplying contextual meta-data about users and devices authenticating on the network. Within Phase2 we plan to be able to have VCFcenter alert ClearPass when its analytics identifies erroneous or malicious endpoint on the network.


In this TechNote read how to setup and configure both ClearPass Policy Manager and Pluribus Network VCFcenter. Find more about VCFcenter here



The Technote can be located on the support site here ClearPass TechNote - Pluribus Networks VCFcenter™ Integration - v1.pdf



Happy reading – go fill your boots..!!….. comments and feedback/suggestions graciously accepted. 


Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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