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New guest accounts with a "pending" status

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to set up a functional guest system using only Airwave+Instant (no clear pass).

So, what I have in mind is to have a specific account for the purpose of registering, creating and deleting guest users.


I did this by creating a new Role called guest_admin with the Guest Access Sponsor type.


Then I created a new user associated with this new role:


So far so good. Everything looked fine when I logged in with the guest_admin user, but when I create a new guest account it get stuck with the "pending" status. WHat does that mean? I can't login with the new account either, and I couldn't find anything like an "approve pending" session in my admin account. Am I missing something?



Edit: In my admin account I found the same guest users menu, but no option to approve or anything.


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