Not able to connect by PEAP - ClearPass

Hi ClearPass experts,


I am starting using ClearPass and I am in my first lab. I am trying to connect to a SSID with PEAP credentials but I have problems. After adding my controller to ClearPass as a NAD and adding roles and users in the ClearPass local repository, I have configure a 802.1X wireless service with EAP-PEAP as authentication and local repository as authentication source.

I have configured a laptop to connect to the SSID by PEAP but when trying to connect the SSID, a cross appears on the SSID and when I click on it, it just asks for the password, and not for user and password credentials, like if I configured nothing:




However, when I enter the password configured in the controller for this SSID, I can connect. Then, I don't know if the problem is with the ClearPass configuration in my controller, for which I followed the first part of following topic:


Please help and if you need some configuration screenshot just ask for it. Many thanks in advance.




Re: Not able to connect by PEAP - ClearPass

Hi guys,


Only I needed to change the 802.11 Security setting from WPA2-PSK to WPA2 in the SSID profile in the controller:



Now when trying to connect it asks for credentials which is what I wanted to:



Just starting with ClearPass, occupational hazards :|




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