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Numbers of concurrent users,inactive users and idle timeout users



How aruba manage the inactive users in Aruba AP, let say we have one 92 Aruba AP with 30 concurrent users maximum and a users is associating with the broadcasted ssid from 92 ap and get connected. Somehow this user not doing any browsing at all and consider as inactive users.


What is Aruba solution for this case since the AP capacity is only 30 users? My intention is to have more genuine users into the network instead of the ap is congested only by this inactive users?



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Re: Numbers of concurrent users,inactive users and idle timeout users

There is a user idle timer that removes inactive users from user table after 5 minutes (default) of inactivity:


Maximum period after which a client is considered idle if there is no wireless traffic from the client.The timeout period is reset if there is wireless traffic. If there is no wireless traffic in the timeout period, the client is aged out. Once the timeout period has expired, the user is removed. If the keyword seconds is not specified, the value defaults to minutes at the command line

Range: 1 to 255 minutes (30 to 15300seconds)
Default: 5 minutes (300 seconds)


I'm not sure if the associated user will be deauthenticated when they're removed from the user  table... Although, as chatty as most devices are these days, I would suspect that if it is not active for 5 minutes, then it probably is not associated to an AP.


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