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OnBoarding, Android & Error 403



I am getting an Error 403 when OnBoarding an Android phone. I looked at all settings and checked all settings, but I cannot find the issue. So the best place to get my answer is AirHeads!!


OnBoarding is working on iOS and Windows laptops. I only push some certificates (user cert, intermediate and signing cert) and a WiFi profile for EAP-TLS authentication. As mentioned iOS and Windows are working fine. When going through the OnBoard process on an Android phone, I can log in to the authentication portal. The App Authentication Pre-Auth service assigns the default [Allow Application Access Profile]. On an Android, I get the option to download and install the QuickConnect App. This works without any problems. Next QuickConnect is launched and I receive the error message:

Error 403: Forbidden - Error in accessing application. You are not permitted to access the application. Please contact your network administrator for further assistance.


When I now open the QuickConnect app, I see the downloaded profile. If I choose to install that profile, I receive the error message: 

There are no networks defined for your device type. Please contact your network administrator.


The Supported Devices parameters from the Provision Profile allow Android devices (see attachments).


I am using ClearPass 6.7.2. The HTTPS certificate is a "real" SSL cert, so that shouldn't be the problem. I am using a Samsung Galaxy A5 with Android 7.0.


Hopefully somebody can help me ;-)

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Re: OnBoarding, Android

Best to work with Aruba TAC.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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