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OnBoarding with "legacy APs"



I'm planning to Setup a ClearPass OnBoarding enviroment. The customer already got APs and only want to buy additional Aruba APs.


In the locations where they have the "legacy APs", we like to add one Aruba AP for doing the onbording. The old APs dont support external captive portal nor RADIUS commands.


After onboarding via the Aruba AP the old APs should authenticate against ClearPass via EAP-TLS.


There will be no roaming for sure, but do you guys see issues I dont think about?



Re: OnBoarding with "legacy APs"

I think that should work. In fact, for Onboarding the only thing you need is IP connectivity to the ClearPass server. You can, if that is possible do that over the guest network (if you also deployed ClearPass Guest), or even over the existing corporate WLAN (or wired network, or even via the public internet if you make ClearPass internet accessible), if you can assign access to (only) the ClearPass server by VLAN assignment or other ways.


If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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