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OnGuard Antivirus Check : Multiple Antivirus

Hi Everyone,


I need to know one things about OnGuard and Antivirus check.

We have a ClearPass deployed with, among other thing, an health collection on antivirus installed. It check only the presence of Trend Micro Office Scan.

A computer, with Trend Micro Office Scan AND Malwarebytes, failed the Health Check with this error message :

Multiple AntiVirus Products Detected : Client reported more than 2 antivirus : [Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Trend Micro Office Scan Client, Windows Defender]

Of course, Windows Defender is also detected like on all others PC.


My question is this one : is having 2 antivirus software installed on the PC, in addition to Windows Defender, considered by default as an error or a security vulnerability by ClearPass OnGuard ? That would be understandable.
If so, is it possible to get around/bypass this?


Thanks for your help.



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