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OnGuard Design



I have a question regarding onguard design.

So far this has not been interesting for my customers, or a real deployment so I am currently working on it in the lab, also with regard to the Accx certification 😊


I have planned the following design:

- Download of the agent via a WebLogin Page Via dedicated SSID or via guest SSID, but this is not that important

- A service for determining the Posture Status "Web-based Health Check Only"
The access to this service will be granted via the dedicated / guest SSID (?)

- Embedding Posture in a Generic Radius Service which takes care of the 802.1X in the WLAN.



Will this be a valid design ?
Are there any other recommendations ?


Another question is:
It is not possible to embedd a posture policy with the onguard agent in a ClearPass Service which is created via wizard ?
Only policies with the NAP agent ?



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