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OnGuard Mac OS X Communication issue

Hey everyone, I am participating in a PoC with the full ClearPass solution. Everything was working great but we just ran into our first issue. We just starting testing OnGuard with Mac Air and it seems to have a problem communicating with "itself". I'm getting the error message "Failed to connect to ClearPass Agent Controller Service", which usually indicates an issue with the back end service on the same machine. Going over the troubleshooting steps, the only issue that was noted is that for some reason the OnGuard service is listening on port 25428, and not 25427 which is what is in the documentation.


Currently running on the newest version of ClearPass (6.7.9). OnGuard is working fine with Windows.

On a side note, we first accidently installed the wrong package, using the temporary agent, and then installed the permanent agent. Don't know if that could have caused the issue. We only had one Mac to test with and we will be back with a second Mac in 10 days (testing window with customer). We have tried removing, rebooting, reinstalling with no success.


Any thoughts?




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