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OnGuard - Server Not Reachable - Instant Captive Portal

Hi all,


Quick question here.. I'm getting errors in OnGuard saying ClearPass is not unreachable. This makes sense as I'm connecting through an Instant which has been configured with a Captive Portal (requesting users to download OnGuard). My question is, how do I allow OnGuard through the Captive Portal on the instant? In AOS, this woulnd't be an issue as I could customize the white list. But my policy in the Instant is to enforce the captive portal and allow everything else. The Instant puts the Captive Portal enforcement at the top of the stack and doesn't allow me to move it.

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Re: OnGuard - Server Not Reachable - Instant Captive Portal

Got it! - Answer was to set Policy Manager Zones to use only the IP of the allowed Captive Portal. Previously I had it set to use a few different DMZ interfaces.



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