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OnGuard agent stuck in initializing - only of Mondays ???

Hi Guys,

We have ahd aruba solution for year and a half now. we have had this issue for nearly a year now. We had cppm 5.6.3 last year with agent 5.6.3 on few machine that were being tested before we would deploy it in areas. When we had  this solutiin installed on feew pcs in a area - we had not too many issues - well, we had some and got it working but talkign to aruba-tac and everntually it was working ok on our IT machines. 

Once deployed to more machine sin various area - we had this problem where - users would complain  - no logon server on their win7 machines when they tried to login on Monday mornings. This was on random machines in random areas but not all them at once. Only happened on monday morning after 2 days of  weekend. We did loads of testing with Aruba-TAC and found a temp fix - removing .1x config from switch port and pc would have no NAC control and would talk to CPPM server - get authenticated and We can place the .1x config back on the port and it would be fine until few weeks.


Now, we had been trying to get this issue fixed for a while and Got various engineer involved from Aruba-TAC. This was last year oct. We then got the people who designed and implemented this solution for us

to come back and lok at the config - they had a look and said its was all good. Aruba tac would not look at our switch config as its not their expertise and they can only look at agetn and CPPM only - nothing in between. So, we had engineer from Aruba UK to come and have alook - he recommended couple of changes - make all endpoints known etc.


By this time, beginning of this year with another issue with agetn 5.6.4 - it would crash for random users when they logged in. Out users dont have admin rights on pcs. On this version , the agent would then be unable to edit the anuacuni file and would crash. Temp fix was to remove the file and it would then be recreated. This would happen for random user and other users would be fine loggin in. So, we were advised by Aruba Tac to use agetn 5.6.5 to fix this issue. There was another security advisory from aruba so, we moved onto cppm 5.6.5 and agetn 5.6.5. but this ' Monday Morning ' issue is still there. I have still got a case with aruba and awaiting solution for this issue. Aruba Tac says they have not heard of this problem before.


Anyone else had this issue ? 

Anyone kind enough to shed some lights ?






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