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OnGuard and Onboard with Linux client?


I am trying to implement in my test lab CPPM OnBoard with OnGuard control. With Windows device it works fine; the client connect to the SSID, he is redirected to the download URL for OnGuard Agent, installs it, and does the OnBoarding procedure throught QuickConnect, installing the certificate.


With Linux (Ubuntu) Device I have a lots of problems. I understand that OnGuard Agent is not supported for Linux device; ok, so I remove the OnGuard Control. But also the OnBoard procedure doesn't work! The client connect to the SSID but when he tries to navigate the browser displays a message like this: "Your Operating System is not supported" . And he doesn't try to download QuickConnect.


Why? Is it the normal behaviour with Linux device?

And is true that OnGuard doesn't work with Linux?





Massimo Gallina
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Re: OnGuard and Onboard with Linux client?

Automated Onboard is not supported for LInux devices (that is why the message says that).  Please use the article here: to distribute an EAP-TLS certificate to a Linux device.

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