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Onboard Captive Portal Redirect Not Working

I'm trying to setup onboarding...redirecting clients from the Mobility Controller to the onboarding splash page. I have a captive portal profile setup and the link points to https://ip-of-clearpass/guest/onboard-page.php. I have the SSID open without authentication. 

I can join the network, get network configs, and when I try to go out to the internet, the browser address shows pointing to the address listed above (with a bunch of % signs and other information appended). When HTTP authentication is enabled, it keeps on spinning. When HTTPS is enabled, it hits the security page, I hit continue anyway, then display error/redirect too many times. 

Trying to figure out why I cannot hit the page. I belive it has to do with the profile as I cannot hit the guest portal on it...but I can hit the guest portal on the guest network. Trying to figure out what I did. wrong. Thanks.

Re: Onboard Captive Portal Redirect Not Working

Are you allowing HTTP/HTTPS to your ClearPass IP under the Onboard user-role?
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Onboard Captive Portal Redirect Not Working

Thanks Victor for the response!


Yes, I have a permit IP any to the two clearpass servers as well as the HA address just in case.

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Re: Onboard Captive Portal Redirect Not Working

So, in short, you're a genius and I'm a dummy. Someone created an ACL that nat's the traffic going to any. This was placed at the top of the captive portal profile. Once I removed that, I'm now able to hit the link. Although I'm still having troubles redirecting (this again is probably on the profile itself)'s taking me to the Guest link I was using for testing (probably just have to delete cash on the browser). Anyway, a big THANK YOU MAN!!!

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