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Onboard Proxy Issue



We are having an issue with automatically pushing proxy details to our Onboard clients. The client device receive the proxy IP and port number OK and when the user goes to browse they get a prompt to enter their credentials (for the proxy). The issue is that this prompt keeps popping up over and over again intermittenly (sometimes every 30 seconds and can be very annoying).


What we noticed with our test devices (iPhone 5S and iPhone 7) is under the phones proxy settings the authentication toggle is turned 'OFF'. If we turn it 'ON' and manually enter the proxy credentials the issue is resolved and the prompt doesn't come back (this is our current work-around).


Has anyone come across this issue before and is it possible to change this behaviour so that clients are automaticlly prompted for the proxy credentials and can enter it only once (without further prompts). Or is it possible for Onboard to set the proxy authentication toggle to 'ON' automatically?



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