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Onboarded Android devices and internal dns issues

Seems we have something odd going on which seems to affect some androids and not others, so wondering OS versions or operator customisations may be too blame.  My device can connect to inernal resources ok, using hostname, but some others are requiring the fqdn, or even IP as they report dns related problems.


The fact this problem is inconsistant across devices makes me think it is due to the many variations of OS and customisations, but its leaving us with a bit of an issue. 


Wondered if anyone else had experience any similar issued with android devices not using internal dns correctly?

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Re: Onboarded Android devices and internal dns issues

You should always be using FQDNs. Are you expecting WINS functionality

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Re: Onboarded Android devices and internal dns issues

Unfortuantely Im not familiar with WINS, I think that something the server guys look after!


Works fine on Ipads, and my android, but not on 3 others we have tried, but apparantly is a known bug since 2010...


Shortly: When connected on WiFi to a network which specifies a domain
name, hostnames in that domain do not resolve without appending the domain
to the hostname.


 But as you say, using FQDN would resolve this anway...

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