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Onboarding Android devices - "App does not have permission to change WiFi-Settings"


My work has a protocol to onboard android devices to their network. However once I install quick connect and go to through the process, opening the networkconfig file, I get the error:


"App does not have permission to change WiFi-Settings"


It tells me to "Forget" the network and re-enter the details. I've repeated this step a bunch of times, restarted my device, and tried using 


I know there are several questions from several years ago asking the same thing within this forum, but the responses seemed to be solved by updating the apps (mine is 100% up to date) or doing some DUAL SSID thing, which I really don't understand and so far have found no solution. 

My workplace IT is unsure how to resolve the issue. 


My phone is Google Pixel 4XL
Android: Version 10 (recently updated to newest version) 

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