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Onboarding with 2 subscribers?

Hi Forum,


I'm onboarding clients with two subscribers where the onboard page lives on the VIP between them and the clearpass server group on that L3 auth profile has subscriber1 on top of the list then subscriber2 on the bottom os the list. I was planning to have all the radius requests go to subscriber 1 and if it fails then the fail to subscriber 2.

I have noticed that while onboarding and when the users are prompted on the provisioning page for credentials, that the node that responses to this Application request is subscriber2!! all other requests after that seem to go to subscriber 1 except that one (Onboard Pre-Auth) request. 


any ideas why?



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Re: Onboarding with 2 subscribers?

I must add that the VIP is owned by subscriber 1.

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Re: Onboarding with 2 subscribers?



restarted the Virtual IP services on subscriber one and it worked.

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