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Onguard periodic health checks at logged out state

Hi Airheads,


Onguard agent checks the health every 4 hours. We have an issue with one Windows 7 desktop that's accessed via remote desktop only. The periodic checks are not executed when nobody is logged in causing the desktop to enter a quarantine state with very limited network services.


Is installing Onguard as a service a solution? If so, this is a global setting and I want to know if it will affect others already installed as agent.


Note: I've enabled the global setting 'Enable access over remote desktop session' but it's no solution because RDP is not allowed in quarantine state.




Re: Onguard periodic health checks at logged out state

What is the policy cache timeout set to for the posture token (Healthy , Quarantine , etc..) ? This is under Cluster-Wide Parameters 


If you are running 6.6.x you can run Onguard as a service.

Under Onguard global agent settings set Run as “Service” but it only works on with a Health only service.

Thank you

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Re: Onguard periodic health checks at logged out state


We're running 6.6.1 in health only so we can run as a service, but will that global setting impact other onguard clients which are all installed as agent? I'm willing to test this but others may nog be affected.


Policy Cache Timeout is 250 min.

Healthy onguard session timeout is 225 min.


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