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  • Radius accounting support for open system ssid profile.
  • Used case: When you want to bill users who are all connected in open system SSID. 
  •  Radius accounting has been extended to stations connecting to Open SSID from release.
  • This can be done by enabling the Open SSID accounting knob in AAA profile.

We support Radius Accounting Start, Interim & Stop messages


Enable Open SSID Accounting:

# aaa profile Paaa



#show aaa profile Paaa


RADIUS Accounting Server Group      svrGrp  

Open SSID radius accounting         Enabled


To Disable Open SSID Accounting:

# aaa profile Paaa

#no open-system-radius-accounting



  • Navigate to Configuration ->All Profile ->Select Wireless LAN
  • Select Specified aaa profile under AAA section
  • Enable “Open SSID accounting” knob in aaa profile



Enable Below Logs to get the accounting info in Security Logs:

  • logging level debugging security
  • logging level debugging security process authmgr subcat aaa

Show log security output:

  • Radius Accounting Start Message details:


Radius Accounting  Stop  Message


Radius interim accounting Message:


auth-tracebuf output:

  • Jan 18 23:06:39 rad-acct-start ->  00:1c:7b:9e:d9:3a  00:24:6c:80:42:c5/RADIUS  -  -
  • Jan 18 23:11:20 rad-acct-stop ->  00:1c:7b:9e:d9:3a  00:24:6c:80:42:c5/RADIUS

Jan 18 23:25:45  rad-acct-int-update   ->  00:1c:7b:9e:d9:3a  00:24:6c:80:42:c5/RADIUS  -


  • It is not recommended to enable “open ssid radius accounting” for wired users aaa profile.
  • On enabling the same the radius accounting packets will be sent for unauthenticated wired users as well.
  • No Platform dependency to enable this feature.


Preethi Devarajan
Sr. Network Engineer
Customer Advocacy | Aruba Networks Inc.
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