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Overall RADIUS Response Time



I wanted to ask this community about typical results for ClearPass's RADIUS Request Processing time. I have attached an example of what is now typical for me:




I have been trying to get this number down as low as I can, because in one of the "frequent disconnect" threads, one user was able to mitigate that problem by reducing the amount of time for RADIUS responses. Last semester I was seeing it more between 1k and 2k, but it still spikes to that at times.


My questions is this: Is between 1000 and 1500 ms a good overall RADIUS response time, and if not, how do I find the culprit. The Monitoring » Live Monitoring » System Monitor screen shows all items under the ClearPass tab as taking between 1 - 2 ms, so where does the extra 500 - 1500ms on this chart come from? on CP-VA-5K platform


If it's normal, let me know, and I'll rest easy :)





Re: Overall RADIUS Response Time

What is your auth per/sec? IO rating of San on the vm. HD SAN is usually the issue I see most
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Re: Overall RADIUS Response Time



Have you checked out the feature in CPPM 6.4 to BREAK-DOWN the RADIUS transaction into its  componend parts......



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Re: Overall RADIUS Response Time

The SAN is brand new and quite underutilized, but I can ask them to try it on the measure the IO and IOps.


Here is a screen shot from that END-to-END screen that shows some request counts:




Also, Danny, I did get the breakdown numbers from those charts. As I said in my original post, they were all between 1 and 3 ms each, but the total is 500-1500.



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Re: Overall RADIUS Response Time

What ever came of this? Was your SAN the source of the elongated request processing time?

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