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PPTN confiogured now what?

O.k. I've just configured a 2930F pair of switches as a stack ... and then PPTN on a sete of ports talking to a mobility controler running


xb-as-2930-1# show tunneled-node-server

Tunneled Node Server Information

State : Enabled
Primary Controller :
Backup Controller :
Keepalive Interval (seconds) : 8
Mode : Port-based


b-as-2930-1# show tunneled-node-server statistics

Tunneled Node Statistics

Port : 1/1
Port : 1/2
Port : 1/3
Port : 1/4
Port : 1/5
Port : 1/6
Port : 1/7
Port : 1/8
Port : 1/9
Port : 1/10
Port : 2/1

Control Plane Statistics

Bootstrap packets sent : 21
Bootstrap packets received : 21
Bootstrap packets invalid : 0

Tunnel Statistics

Rx Packets : 3
Tx Packets : 3
Rx 5 Minute Weighted Average Rate (Pkts/sec) : 0
Tx 5 Minute Weighted Average Rate (Pkts/sec) : 0

Port : 2/2
Port : 2/3
Port : 2/4
Port : 2/5
Port : 2/6
Port : 2/7
Port : 2/8
Port : 2/9
Port : 2/10

Aggregate Statistics

Heartbeat packets sent : 156
Heartbeat packets received : 156
Heartbeat packets invalid : 0
Fragmented Packets Dropped (Rx) : 0
Packets to Non-Existent Tunnel : 0
MTU Violation Drop : 0



looking at the switch port with a device connected to it

xb-as-2930-1(eth-2/1)# sh mac-address 2/1

Status and Counters - Port Address Table - 2/1

MAC Address VLANs
----------------- ------------
4409b8-1ee4bb 4094

Where 4409.... is a Chromecast 4K device wired interface.


on the mobility controller

(arubadev2) #show tunneled-node state

Tunneled Node State
IP MAC port state vlan tunnel inactive-time
-- --- ---- ----- ---- ------ ------------- ec:eb:b8:2e:8d:cb 2/1 complete 4094 102 1



So now what ? Should I have expected to see the chromecast mac address on the mobiliy controller?  ... something appears in clearpass ?


Didn;t configure the example roles as I've got ones defined on the controller.




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Re: PPTN confiogured now what?

o.k. helps if you configure the wired AAA  authentication component. Can n ow see the device mac address appearing in clearpass. Its sending an access-request back with the wrong stuff in it, but at lest its breathing!


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Re: PPTN configured now what?

Next question, if the device is on  a switch connected to a vlan defined as part of a per port tunneled node which also exists on the mobility controller but doesn't have an L3 interface, am i correct in thinking that the clearpass access-accept packet just needs to send back a local vlan value that is L3 routed on the mobility controller and the device at the other end will get an Ip address assigned from that VLAN ?
Ah! from the  document

With tunneled-node, the client device’s VLAN is assigned and enforced by the controller. In a tunneled-node only deployment, no client device access networks need to be configured at the edge switch layer.

So all I do need to do is assign device to correct vlan on controller

Intention here is to have a wired airgroup device connected to the switch visible by wifi airgroup devices connected via the same contoller
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Re: PPTN configured now what?

o.k. so with a bit of clearpass "tweaking" I now have a chromecast video device connected to a wired port on a 2930F that is sitting in the same vlan group as another wifi based  chromcast device ... can't see it yet on my iphone ... but major step in right direction

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