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PUB-SUB guest database sync issue



i have an issue with PUB-SUB Guest database sync. im doing captive portal in PUB but the radius authentication stay in the subs.


the latency between PUB and SUB is <5ms, so it wont be an issue


but some of the guest user is not authenticated due to the guest database was not sync to the sub everytime they login. we already increase the login delay to 10 second but still having the same issue.


do we need to optim any other config ?



Re: PUB-SUB guest database sync issue

I would suggest to check the "Replication Batch Interval" between Publisher and Subscribers. Do you have stimation how many secons take to sync Publisher -> Subscribers to add the guest? This could give you an idea if this could make sense to improve the replication interval.

Rafael del Cerro Flores
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Re: PUB-SUB guest database sync issue

Hi thanks

Why would i need to increase the batch interval instead of decreasing it?
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