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Password Recovery of an IAP-214 AP

I have a number of IAP-214 APs that were put in by another IT group. Unfortunately, password documentation was not left. It appears the APs are running the following software shown below......


[ 0.000000] Aruba Networks
[ 0.000000] ArubaOS Version (build 52666 / label #52666)
[ 0.000000] Built by p4build@chios on 2015-11-22 at 16:41:06 PST (gcc version 4.5.1)



I have tried the password reset process documented by Aruba and this community.

- Connect to the console port or the master or slave

- Tried "admin" and "password" for the user name.

- Used "forgetme!" for the password.


Nothing worked. Aruba support stated that this password recovery method was eliminated with software v6.5.x. It appears I am running v6.4.2.6. Should the password reset process still work on the 

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Re: Password Recovery of an IAP-214 AP

I believe it was removed in IAP4.1.0.0 so will not work in your environment. After this the Password recovery is no longer available on IAPs. So this means you will need to complete a factory reset.



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