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Password protect guest self-registration?

We have two methods of guest access on our network through CPPM -- a self-registration form with mandatory sponsor approval, and a web login with username auth enabled (access code). We use the self-registration for our day to day guest users, and then the web login for larger conference type events. Recently, it's been brought up that we may want to gather the same information from conference attendees  that we do from other guests (name, email, phone) with an added bonus of having unique username records in AMP and PAN.


Sort of drawing a blank here, and was hoping some discussion might get the wheels turning again. Do any of you have like a web login that redirects to a self-reg page? Maybe just a password on the self-reg page? Some sort of variable that says if this phrase is valid, you can self-reg, if not, find a sponsor?

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Re: Password protect guest self-registration?

Found this thread which describes adding a "secret code" field to the login form tied to a specific validator argument. Going to see if there isn't a way to make that value more dynamic.

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