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Performance Issues



I am having slowdown on the clearpass GUI and high CPU warnings periodically.  Running as 2x 5K version on a cluster on windows Hyper V.  Clicking on an access tracker entry can sometimes take a few minutes.


Whereas it used to be quite fast although there is a lot more activity on our network now.


How can I start to work out what is the cause and how to resolve it?


I set them up with the resources the Hyper V document stated.


Thanks for any help

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Re: Performance Issues

Been looking into it, in more detail.  


It seems not to be CPU usage but High I/O wait when accessing the GUI and data in the database:


CPPM[clp02] System(CPU): High I/O wait(10 min avg) - 18


The CPU usage isn't high.

Re: Performance Issues

Please open a TAC case on this subject.


High IO wait, typically means that your disks are too slow (not enough IOPS), which can be that the hypervisor infrastructure is overloaded, or you have not enough physical disks in a RAID, or the wrong RAID configuration.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Performance Issues

Thanks. I will look into it.  It is using RAID 1+0 on four SAS disks with a 10/90 read write cache config.


the second node with the same setup does not slow down.

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