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Posture Policy Enhancements


about the possibility to configure multiple posture policies with a single service; how can I configure it ? I tryed with a Onguard configuration but I don't see any Roles (configurated on dot1x services:


I need to apply a specific posture policies for corporates client and another one for Contractors.


Re: Posture Policy Enhancements

Are you using the agent or dissolvable?


If its the agent then you can just use a simple trigger in your service so that posture would be picked. In my example I'm just using a MAC address but it could be a SSID/switch/ etc


screenshot_02 Apr. 01 00.35.gif


Then you chose which posture policy to trigger in the posture tab.


screenshot_03 Apr. 01 00.40.gif

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Re: Posture Policy Enhancements


thank for replay. 

However, my need will not let me this profiling. I'll explain:
I am using a unique SSID for the corporate PC and consultants PC; I would like to use two different OnGuard's policies. For example:
PC corporate: Check the presence of the antivirus corporate, the version....etc.
PC consultants: Check any antivirus.


I see that is possible starting CPPM 6.1 using Role. But I not undestand how.....


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Re: Posture Policy Enhancements

When you create the Posture Policy, put an role in it.


I actually see another issue: I wanted to check two Posture Policies, but as mentioned in the slide, the 'winning' policy is the one with BEST token. I tested and found once the Posture Policy wins, the Agent will only check against this Policy. Then other Posture Policies won't be checked any more.





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