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Procurve 2920 - Captive Portal URL?

Testing a wired captive portal configuration with CPPM 6.5.5, and a Procurve 2920 running WB.16.01.0004


Following the instructions from the HP documentation here:


CPPM section starts at section 8, on page 259. Created the relevant enforcement profiles and updated my services.


I've reconfigured my MAC auth service as an Allow all MAC Auth, my client gets put into my quarantine VLAN, obtains an IP, the ACLs are applied, so the enforcement profile is working. I've verified connectivity to CPPM from the quarantine VLAN. Opening a browser and attempting to load a page however does not result in a captive portal redirect. I can however open a browser and direct myself to the CP page manually.


There is a discrepancy in the documentation regarding the CPPM HP VSA dictionary vs. what is noted in the documentation (link above.) Documentation states the CP URL attribute is HPE-Captive-Portal-URL. However, the HP dictionary in CPPM 6.5.5 specifies HP-Captive-Portal-URL.


Can anyone confirm which one is correct? Does anyone have a working configuration and can show me service rules/enforcement, etc?


Not sure at this point what else it could be.


Thank you.

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Re: Procurve 2920 - Captive Portal URL?

I managed to resolve this on my own.


It's not mentioned in any of the documentation from the link I provided above, but basically the switch *requires* a Layer 3 address on the VLAN interface for the quarantine VLAN in order to process the redirect. Not sure why I didn't think of this, but I'm not exactly a switch guru.


Now it works like a charm.

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