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Profiling IP adreress, which to use?


I have a cluster of 4 CPPM servers separated at 2 locations (2,2) distributed at 1 publisher 3 subscribers.


In the process of deploying NAC to the wired, which UP should i use as helpers for profiling, the VIP IP's (from both locations) or the individual IP's from all subscribers?





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Re: Profiling IP adreress, which to use?

Please also check the ClearPass Profiling Tech Note.

In general, the DHCP request needs to reach one of the nodes in the cluster. If you deployed zones for your two sites, it makes sense to select a VIP on multiple boxes in that zone. As explained in the document, any node will take the DHCP relayed requests and forward it to the active profiler (in its zone if zones are used). With zones and enabling/disabling profiling on the individual nodes, you can steer the profiling process in heavy loaded environments to less loaded machines. Unless you expect high load and need to design for that, or you want to have the profiling on a specific node for other reasons, there is no real need to change it.

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