Profiling problem with ClearPass and IAPs



We have a smaller office that we got IAPs and a ClearPass server for.

This office has local IT staff and I have been helping them get their environment setup and I have run into a small snag with profiling on the ClearPass.


Their environment is very simple, they have one subnet with no VLANs (we are planning to address this but it could take a while).  I set up the IAP to relay the DHCP requests to the ClearPass based on what I found here in the forums.2018-05-08_11h20_53.png

The profiling was working, but then I noticed something strange. I tried to sign into a laptop that was connected to the wireless that I had never signed into before. I wasn't able to sign in and the laptop reported that there were no domain controllers available. I checked the role my device was in and it was set to basically "any any". I removed the DHCP configuration shown above and I was then able to sign in. Is this normal behavior? Or have I configured something incorrectly?


They have a SonicWall fw that is acting as the gateway for their clients. I was reading that SonicWall can relay DHCP requests. Would I be able to use the SonicWall to relay the DHCP packets to the ClearPass? Could this result in any negative impacts on the network?

Sorry for the probably stupid question.



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