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Pulse Policy Secure --> ClearPass Policy Manager Migration, EAP-T(T)LS + Username / Password

So, we are in the process of migrating our existing Pulse Policy Secure NAC / NAP 802.1X solution (used for both wired and wireless clients) to ClearPass Policy Manager, and I'm not quite sure if there's a straight forward migration path.


Right now, we're using EAP-TTLS as 'outer' authentication protocol, and EAP-JUAC, a proprietary Juniper / Pulse Secure authentication protocol, as 'inner' authentication protocol. A client application, Pulse Secure Client, performs the compliance and client certificate checks. Also, Pulse Secure Clients acts as a Windows credential provider plugin.


We have the requirement that our clients perform BOTH machine authentication using a pre-deployed certificate and user authentication (active directory credentials), which works just fine using the setup mentioned above.


I went through the airheads community and found some similar posts (like ), but not exactly what I'm looking for.


Anyways, is there a way to perform both client cert checks and user credentials checks with Aruba ClearPass? Can OnGuard be used as Windows credential provider?




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