RADIUS Timeout - Avaya Desk Phone

Trying to authenticate an Avaya desk phone with EAP-PEAP to CPPM. The username is showing in Access Tracker, but all attempts are TIMEOUT. The Alert states "Client did not complete EAP transaction".


The Phone is hard wired to a Cisco 2960 configured to do dot1x/mab on the port. The same 802.1X configuration is on another port that is for a printer, which authenticates no problem with same settings (EAP-PEAP and uploaded root cert)


ClearPass has an internal certificate, the root being the internal CA. We uploaded the root certificate to the Avaya phone via TFTP and it appears to have installed correctly.


Any reason why this would not be completing the authentication or anybody run into this with another type of desk phone? Not sure if the root cert or another cert needs to be pushed to these phones.



Michael Haring
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