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RFC3576 CoA Disconnect sample Packet -

Inclined readers,


Fist of all this is my first post, if I am violating one the forum rules- my apologies beforehand. Furthermore I am afraid that this post might be slightly OT, but it was the area where most the post regarding RFC3576 could be found.


I was tasked to connect our Captive Portal WLAN running on our Aruba Instant-Group (consisting of W-AP225s with verison to our campus Management system using freeradius and some perl magic. ClearPass itself is unfortunaltely a no-issue.


However, in some cases  I would need to disassociate a device using a Radius CoA packet.


I am a bit at a loss with the documentation here (or just blind), so that's why I am asking you guys...


My question is: I need to put together the Disconnect-Request packet. Could anyone provide me, with the neccessary AV-pairs that need to be sent to the controller hosting the CP to disconnect a user that logged on using the Captive portal? A wireshark screenshot (or the Aruba PDF that I've been missing) would make me just as happy ;-)


Any help would be much appreciated

and I hope I provided all the data needed...

Greetings from Austria,



Re: RFC3576 CoA Disconnect sample Packet -

Just closing the loop on this post; as was answered in your other posting:


The Calling-Station-Id should be all that is required.              

Systems Engineer, Northeast USA

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