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RFC3576 Disconnect coming from host IP not cluster IP

Hi All,


I'm running two Amigopod servers on 3.7 with some Cisco controllers and have come across an issue where the NAS disconnect messages are timing out when being sent to the Cisco WLC.


The issue is that when the RFC3576 Disconnect messages are being sent from the Amigopod Cluster, they are being sent from the individual servers ip address, not the cluster Virtual IP.


Has anybody come across this issue before? We are using the management interface on a HW-2500 appliance in this case, i have seen the other posts regarding issues when using certain inferfaces however as this is production network i am not able to test this out at this stage.





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Re: RFC3576 Disconnect coming from host IP not cluster IP

Greetings Scott, for RADIUS replies we always route the same interface as the incoming packet.  RFC-3576 requests are a little harder as we do not always know what the controller is expecting.  To work around this go to Administrator > Plugin Manager > Manage Plugins and find RADIUS Services.  Click Configuration and edit the "RFC-3576 Bind Address:" field.  This will then always be used.  Careful if you ever change the VIP or disable HA as RADIUS will continue to attempt to bind to this address.


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Re: RFC3576 Disconnect coming from host IP not cluster IP

thanks for the reply, looks like you are spot on the money however i don't seem to have that option in 3.7. according to the release notes, this came out in 3.9. looks like its time to start planning an upgrade!



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