Re: Phone number and SMS in CP Guest

To do that for every country isnt viable.. Add some good descriptive text with an example and it should solve it for most of your guests. You could also add a check on the value for the inputfield before submitting the form. If it doesnt start with 0 for swiss numbers, then give a more detailed message to the guest of how to input it correctly with +

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Re: Phone number and SMS in CP Guest

I agree with you. But the thing is that I am not sure how to configure the SMS Gateway using SMS Global as provider.


Now it's like this : 




What I would like is that if the number as more than 10 digits (0111111111), it doesn't add the +41 before the 0. So for foreign numbers, users needs to use phone number like +033xxxxxxxxxxx.


Exemple : 0793093112 -> 41793093112

                  0033xxyyzzaaa - > 0033xxyyzzaaa

                  0049152088336XX - > 0049152088336XX





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