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Recieving mac address as username and ongurad issue



I am implementing ClearPass in one of the organizations .I am still in testing phase of 7 PCs.

 I couldn’t move forward to the next phase because of the issue I am getting .


This is the scenario we are using:

1- The users will be in the access VLAN with DACL restricting them from accessing the whole network.

2- web-auth service will be triggered by ONGUARD and posture will decide if it's healthy or not (quarantine).

3- If it was healthy the onguard will bounce the port and will allow the user to access.


These are the problems we are facing:


- Onguard on some PCs are quitting automatically after some time (with no action of the user). Just disappear.

This happened twice on different PCs. I am not sure why?


-  On one of the PCs the web-auth was not triggering automatically. The user remained restricted by the DACL till I did it manually from the user PC using the button "Retry" on the ONGUARD.


- For some of the PCs , after some time of being idle, the CPPM start receiving requests with the MAC address of those PCs rather than using usernames . Which are rejected always. Also after the user login to windows , the same issue continues and the user needs to disable/enable network NIC. Then it starts receiving dot1x requests with the actual usernames.

This is happening for some PCs. Other PCs are fine .

Please any suggest!!



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Re: Recieving mac address as username and ongurad issue

Just to add that this is wired setup

Re: Recieving mac address as username and ongurad issue

This isn't an issue for these forums.  This sounds config (incl wired switch) ++ client related.  Please open a case for further assistance.

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