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Redirect all HTTP to one URL

Hi all, this is my first time posting here so first off thanks to everyone who has posted on this forum for all the great advice and collective knowledge. I couldn't have sucessfully set up my Aruba controller without some of the threads on this forum.


Now on to my new question...


Does anyone know if there's a way to intercept all traffic on my guest network and redirect it to a specific public URL?


The situation: I have a guest network being run for a very specific purpose, and want have set up a CP for login, and also Access rules that deny traffic to anything except a specific website - let's say "randomwebsite.lab". However that creates confusion for users who try to go to google, microsoft, etc. since their sites simply never load - they just time out.


Is there a way to redirect all of that traffic to "randomwebsite.lab"? I tried doing this with a NAT rule but didn't have any success... I've also experimented doing this with DNS with some success, but it's not an ideal long-term solution for me. Any suggestions welcome.



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Re: Redirect all HTTP to one URL

Did you try the rule "any any service svc-http dst-nat <ip address of website> tcp 80?"

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