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Redirect back to CPPM after "guest login"



I am trying to setup a captive portal with only an Accept Terms and Cond button, with Aruba controller and Clearpass 6.6

So far it works to connect to the SSID, i get redirected to the captive portal, I can check the "I accept", but when I press Log In i get redirected to the Clearpass tips page and if I try to browse to another page I get redirected back to the logon screen.

When I look in the controller I still have the guest-logon role and not the guest role.

I have tried to force it to redirect to after login but that doesn't happen ether. 


The Default role and Default Guest Role is set to guest.


Note: I have set everything to do http, since this is a lab and I am not able to get a certificate. Not sure if this has any impact.


Do anyone have an idea what could be wrong?


Edit: Some show commands that might help


(Aruba7005) #show aaa authentication captive-portal guest-free-cp_prof

Captive Portal Authentication Profile "guest-free-cp_prof"
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Default Role guest
Default Guest Role guest
Server Group cppm-grp
Redirect Pause 10 sec
User Login Disabled
Guest Login Disabled
Logout popup window Disabled
Use HTTP for authentication Enabled
Logon wait minimum wait 5 sec
Logon wait maximum wait 10 sec
logon wait CPU utilization threshold 60 %
Max Authentication failures 0
Show FQDN Disabled
Authentication Protocol PAP
Login page
Welcome page /auth/welcome.html
Show Welcome Page No
Add switch IP address in the redirection URL Disabled
Adding user vlan in redirection URL Disabled
Add a controller interface in the redirection URL N/A
Allow only one active user session Disabled
White List N/A
Black List N/A
Show the acceptable use policy page Disabled
User idle timeout N/A
Redirect URL N/A
Bypass Apple Captive Network Assistant Disabled
URL Hash Key N/A



(Aruba7005) # show rights guest-free-guest-logon

Valid = 'Yes'
CleanedUp = 'No'
Derived Role = 'guest-free-guest-logon'
Up BW:No Limit Down BW:No Limit
L2TP Pool = default-l2tp-pool
PPTP Pool = default-pptp-pool
Number of users referencing it = 4
Periodic reauthentication: Disabled
DPI Classification: Enabled
Youtube education: Disabled
Web Content Classification: Enabled
ACL Number = 64/0
Max Sessions = 65535

Check CP Profile for Accounting = TRUE
Captive Portal profile = guest-free-cp_prof


Edit2: I am able to ping internet, but when I try to browse I just get back to the portal. My best guess is that it is because I am not getting the right role after login but I cant figure out why.

Wireless network engineer consultant| @phivil | ACMP ACCP ACDX #759
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Re: Redirect back to CPPM after "guest login"

Problem solved. Sometimes it's the simplest things.

The User Logon checkbox wasn't checked in the controller. 


Wireless network engineer consultant| @phivil | ACMP ACCP ACDX #759
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