Redirect to a webpage when user device limit is reached

Is there a way to redirect to a webpage in which it tells him that the device limit has been reached.   Int his case the user of guest just got a limit of 2 devices


Right now i got it that if it hit the policy that says that you are using more than 2 devices insteada of putting deny access i put that it should give it a role that has a captive portal that redirect to a webpage that show him the error...


But looks like its too much just to redirect to a page.  IS there another or better way just to redirect when the user limit of devices have been reached?

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Re: Redirect to a webpage when user device limit is reached

Please see the thread here:


Responding with a custom "reply-message" attribute is available in ArubaOS 6.5 and above..

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Re: Redirect to a webpage when user device limit is reached

Hello Collin!

Thanks for reply but the client cannot go to 6.5... they got some legacy controllers, some 3400s 

I tried doing this but didnt work


Then someone on TAC told me a easier way to send a custom message which was the way i said in first message, but was just wondering if there is if thats was the only way.   The only thing with the way the tac told me is that it input a entry on my my endpoint database with social media information, and if the user go to IT department to get his device added because he changed his laptop or trablet or whatever, they might need to manually blacklist the user and then unblacklist so accelerate the process.  I mean it has another role that the only thing that does is showing the error message and  he wont get the login again untile he change of role, thats the only downside i see of that. 

The thing i like is that it shows a nice message.

I just wanted to have different options to show the client.




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Re: Redirect to a webpage when user device limit is reached

Hi Cdelarosa,


when you tried this :

as the app auth hitting the service ? if so, what was the output of it ? Was it applying the right enforcement profile ?


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