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Redirecting https traffic to proxy.


I want to redirect the https traffic to the ironport proxy.

I configured one dst-nat to this traffic, but is not working.

Anyone know how can I do this configuration?

I have tested with ESI group too, but not worked too.

I've read that dst-nat does not work with SSL.

My SSID it's configured like tunel, 802.1x and the devices will be authenticateds by MSCHAP-V2.

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Re: Redirecting https traffic to proxy.

Might be worth trying to tranparently proxying the traffic.

You can do this in different ways...


- Set the default gateway for the VLAN that users are dropped into to be the proxy.

- SRC-NAT the VLAN users are dropped into and have the default gateway on the controller point at the proxy.




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Re: Redirecting https traffic to proxy.

What version of code are you running?

I've configured an ESI group on code to redirect http traffic worked great.

ESI on wasn't been able to get it working. 


When you configure a DST-NAT or ESI have you captured any packets? What do the packet captiures showing? 



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