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Redirecting to Cloud Path with Open SSID

The issue I am having is the Redirect given by Cloud Path. The instructions are for a Cisco Controller and they have nothing on there site for Aruba. I am currently using the 105 controller less AP's The Open SSID has been created and a Role for for access. I am having difficulty getting the Access Rules to match up to what is needed. The following is what is given to me by Cloud Path. Define an ACL which allows access to the XpressConnect webpage. Log into the Cisco WLAN Controller. Along the top, click on the Security tab. Along the left, click on the Access Control Lists link. To add the ACL, do the following: Click New.... In the Access Control List Name field, name the ACL Unauthenticated. Click Apply. Next to the Unauthenticated ACL, click Edit. Click Add New Rule. Add the following rules: Sequence 1, Destination [XpressConnect IP Address], Protocol TCP, Destination Port HTTP*, Action Permit Sequence 2, Source [XpressConnect IP Address], Protocol TCP, Source Port HTTP*, Action Permit Sequence 3, Protocol UDP, Source Port DHCP Server, Action Permit Sequence 4, Protocol UDP, Source Port DHCP Client, Action Permit Sequence 5, Protocol UDP, Source Port DNS, Action Permit
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Re: Redirecting to Cloud Path with Open SSID

You should consult the Instant AP user guide for the portion "Configuring External Captive Portal Authentication for a Network Profile "

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ArubaOS 8.3 User Guide
InstantOS 8.3 User Guide
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Re: Redirecting to Cloud Path with Open SSID

Here's a CLI configuration that redirected clients to an external, Cloudpath, captive portal page:


aaa authentication captive-portal "Portal-AuthOnly-Profile"
   default-role "NonAuth-Guest"
   server-group "Portal-Server-Group"
   redirect-pause 1
   welcome-page ""


The user role that called this captive portal looked like this:


user-role Portal-AuthOnly-Login
   captive-portal "Portal-AuthOnly-Profile" 
   session-acl logon-control
   session-acl captiveportal


I think that you're trying to configure the captive portal with the firewall rules, which is something that I did when I first started using the Aruba solution. In the GUI, you'll need to remember to select the Captive Portal profile and then hit the "apply" button before saving your work. 


Let us know if that helped you out.



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Re: Redirecting to Cloud Path with Open SSID

How do i do this on the Instant AP's.

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Re: Redirecting to Cloud Path with Open SSID

Hi Bsossamon,


There are two ways to do this, the easiest being via the wizard. 


1. Click "New" under the Networks on the left-side of the Instant control panel.

2. When you get to step 4 in the wizard, moving the sliding scale on the left-hand side to "Network-based."

3. In the "Access Rules" on the right-hand side, select "New."

4. A popup box will now appear.

5. Under "Rule type," select "Captive Portal"

6. Next, under "Splash Page type," select "External"

7. Under "IP or Hostname," place the address where you've unzipped and installed the Cloudpath instance.

8. Add a "Redirect URL" to your company, school, or business to let the connected user know that they're finished.


I tested this out on an Instant cluster with a Cloudpath instance and it worked as expected.



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