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Registering BYOD devices - best route to take



We are debating forcing students to "register" their handheld devices next year to have access to the wireless network.    With our content filter we are able to track users using our devices but if they use their own all I have is an IP address.   So in registering them my plan is i'll have their mac address at least to track them by.    Maybe even putting them in their own vlan with static IP.   


Right now we have a wide open network.    Is it possible to deny mobile devices access to it and force them onto a different SSID?  


My only issue with that method is in the evenings we host sporting events, plays, etc.   I wouldn't want to restrict the public from using the network.  So if that option is possible - is it also possible to put it on a schedule?  


The other option I thought of was locking down the network completely,  putting the student devices on their own SSID.   But that too would have to be scheduled,  since we don't want to restrict it in the evenings.  


Is there a better route for BYOD?      Going with amigopod or another registration solution isn't an option at this time.  Trying to do it with what we have,  without spending any additional money.  





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