Release Announcement: Amigopod 3.9.10



The Amigopod 3.9.10 release is now complete and has been published to our various download and update sites.


Issues fixed in the 3.9.10 release:

  • #23687 - Corrected an issue where an expired Apple certificate prevented Onboarding of iOS devices
  • #23698 - Minor CSS/HTML tweak for skin compatibility [not in release notes]
  • #23696 - Corrected an issue where Japanese characters were not being encoded correctly when used as the subject line for an email message
  • #23691 - Corrected an issue where Xirrus could not be properly configured as a vendor for a self-registration
  • #23689 - The APIs used to retrieve a single user would not return the guest password when permissions permitted them to do so
  • #23688 - Corrected an issue where certain characters would not appear in SMS messages sent via Bulk SMS or the default ClearPass SMS Service handler
  • #18624 - Corrected an issue editing text files over a certain size using the Content Manager

The Aruba Amigopod 3.9 Production Release plugin set has been updated, so all existing customers with a subscription ID for the 3.9 release are now able to update immediately.


The detailed 3.9.10 release notes are attached with further information about this release.

Thank You,

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